Due to the Covid-19 Crisis, all Madhapar Sports activities have been suspended until further notice



Aims and Objectives

To promote healthier Life style by providing Sports and Fitness Activities suitable for whole family primarily aimed at the Madhapar community.


Kutch Madhapar Community (UK) is our parent organisation.

While the main community organisation concentrates on providing social and religious interaction to Madhapar and Kanbi community, Madhapar Sports aims to promote healthier life style through provision of variety of Sports and Fitness Activities for the whole family.

The sports activities are run most Saturdays throughout the year (approximately 42 sessions).

Yoga, Zumba and Football are lead by qualified external instructors or coaches, every week . From time to time, Badminton coaching sessions are also organised, run by one of our members , who qualified as level 2  coach in 2011 through community sponsorship.

The dedicated organising team is friendly and committed to ensuring everything runs smoothly every week.