Chair Yoga


We are pleased to announce a new weekly activity, Chair Yoga, starting from Sunday 14thFeb, at 10.30am for 35mins.
The class is for everyone of all abilities and will comprise of a warm up, incorporating the breath to ground and centre your energies, moving on to yoga asanas (body posture) and a short relaxation at the end.

Doing chair yoga poses help anyone who doesn’t have a mat or struggles to do floor exercises. Whilst giving you a similar stretch, flexibility and breathing asanas to that of normal yoga practices. This can help improve concentration, strength whilst energising you and reducing stress.
This will also benefit all those who are working at a desk for long hours, and is fantastic for the senior members of the family.
You will require is a chair with a back rest and if possible, without armrests. (Make sure it doesn’t slide around when you sit on it.)
Listen to your body and don’t over stretch as you may cause yourself an injury. Do what feels comfortable for you. If you do have any injuries or medical conditions, please do consult your doctor before participating in the class

Thank you to Deviben for coming forward and volunteering to run the class.

Use the below link every week.
Topic: Chair Yoga Session Sunday 10.30am
Please log in 10min early if you have any Q&A about the exercises or suggestions.
Exercises will start at 10:35am promptly.
Duration: 35mins

Meeting ID: 969 6192 9585
Passcode: 665770

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The organisers/instructors do not take any liabilities for injuries occurred during your participation in activities offered by this organisation. Please consult your doctor before participating, if you have any concerns