Weekly sports Programme

The sports programme consists of 4 main sports activities which take place every week through out the year.

5-6pm ~~~~~ Zumba / Aerobics (Classes currently suspended)
At present we run Zumba classes to provide the aerobic workout. The class is attended by both ladies and gents. Pace is set to energetic music and the participants are encouraged to stretch themselves.
The benefits of aerobic exercise are achieved by increasing your heart rate and breathing hard for an extended period of time. During this activity your body produces more energy and delivers more oxygen to your muscles. Your heart beats faster and increases the blood flow to your muscles.
6-7pm ~~~~~ Yoga
(Classes currently suspended)
This class is also attended by both ladies and gents. It’s designed to stretch the body in a more calmer controlled way. Not only is yoga great for the physical aspect of the body, it addresses the mind and spirit as well. Regular exercises are a great way to help relieve the stress of day-to-day life and can bring a sense of well-being to your life.
4-6pm ~~~~~ Football

Run by trained football coaches, this is popular with the younger members of the club, although seniors can also take part. Since the start of 2013, this activity is split into 2 age groups.

We started football for the under 10 year olds, this has proven very popular with over 30 children both girls and boys taking part.  The second consist of members 11 & over.

5-8pm ~~~~~ Badminton
This remains the most popular activity. Players of all ability and age participate. The teams are selected according to ability and take turns for court time.
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