Membership Information

The membership categories:
Family (both parents and any number of their children under 18)
Single adult (adult over 18)
Student (full time only, 18 & over)
Child (under 18)
Summer University Student ((May-Sept) + Easter & Christmas Breaks (3 sessions each) flat  rate)

Note: 2023 membership will start from 1 April to Dec 2023
The rate takes into account any planned closures during the year. see Sports Diary
Membership fees:

Membership type FeesWeekly Equivalent
Family Membership £330£12.22
Individual Adult £145£5.37
Student Membership (18yrs & over must be in full time education) £110£4.07
Individual Child (Under 18 years) £85£3.15
University Student: SummerJuly- September + Easter & Christmas Breaks (3 sessions each) Total=17 weeks £70 

All parents of children under 18 must also complete the medical consent section.

  • A potential member can attend one session for free as a tryout, but must become a member to attend further sessions.
  • 1 free tryout allowed per family/individual.
  • Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable
  • Fees payable in full at the time of becoming member
  • payment can be made by bank Transfer
  • Fees for late joiners will be charged on pro-rata basis, except Summer University Student membership. Contact us for actual Pro-rata fees.
  • For Family Membership both parents must be members, if children under 18 are to be included. (unless Single Parent)
  • Individual Membership also available.
  • Student Membership for anyone aged 18 and over in full time education (Proof may be required)
  • Adult Social Membership, for those who would like to join for social reasons (board games permitted), will not be allowed to participate in any sports/yoga activities.
  • All members must adhere to venue and associations, rules and regulations.
  • Misconduct could mean termination of membership.
  • Guest book will be used to ensure people do not abuse the tryout options.
  • Kutch Madhapar Community (UK) or Sports Club not be liable for any injuries whilst participating in any activities
  • Management reserve all rights.

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